Who is proton?

Scott LaCoss, Founder and President.

Scott developed his management and leadership beliefs over a 38-year career in the Department of Defense. Scott rose from the enlisted ranks in the United States Army to serve as a Warrant Officer and leader of sensitive US Army Intelligence Operations around the world. He joined the Defense Intelligence Agency in 1999 and quickly established himself as a talented intelligence operator and strategist, promoted and challenged with many of the Agency’s most difficult problems. Scott’s skills were tested under the most demanding conditions, serving leadership assignments responsible for the Agency’s people and operations in Iraq. After graduating from the National Defense University’s Eisenhower School, Scott was selected to become a member of the Defense Intelligence Senior Executive Service and finished his career serving in increasingly challenging government leadership roles here.

Scott has been active in employee and leadership development activities for many years. He is a sought-after mentor, frequent speaker for employee on-boarding and leadership development programs, and a key leader in culture initiatives focusing on changing and improving the culture from the bottom up.

Scott is a graduate of International Coaches Federation (ICF) Accredited Coach Training Program – Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance, George Mason University. Scott has achieved ACC certification from the International Coach Federation, and is also EQ-I 2.0 and EQ-360 certified. Scott is an active internal coach for the DIA and FBI as well as for other government agencies.

How can Scott put his experience and talents to work for you?

A message from Scott

Scott Proton Coaching

“I founded Proton Coaching as a means for me to continue to share my passion for introspection, life-long learning and the power of positive leadership attributes in life and in the workplace. I look forward to continued service building the leaders that will forge our nation’s future in public and private organizations.” – Scott LaCoss


ICF Certificate.

MHS Certificate.